Financial Wellness Capital

Welcome to the Financial Wellness Capital assessment. This brief inventory of questions will help you assess your own money mindset and learn more about how you can improve your own financial wellness by changing how you think about money matters.

The term “financial wellness” has emerged in recent years as a descriptor of our overall financial health and well-being. Financial wellness consists of more than just our perceptions and feelings about our own financial health. The concept of financial wellness is a measure of overall financial health and includes both objective and subjective assessments.  Money mindset, or how we think about money, has a significant role in our financial lives.

FinWellCap, short for "financial wellness capital", refers to psychological capital related to our financial health. It takes approximately 5-7 minutes to respond to the following 26 statements about your money mindset.

A brief summary of your results will appear just seconds after completing your questions.


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