Scott Spann, Ph.D., CFP® is a Financial Life Planner with over 19 years of financial planning experience.  Scott holds a Ph.D. degree in Personal Financial Planning from Kansas State University. He earned a B.S. in Psychology from The College of Charleston in 1997, an M.A. in Clinical Counseling from The Citadel in 1999, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation in 2005.

Scott is committed to providing unbiased financial planning guidance and education. He is dedicated to improving the financial wellness of individuals regardless of income or net worth. Scott is actively involved in research and content development on topics such as financial psychology, financial wellness, and retirement preparedness. He is a past-president of the South Carolina Chapter of the Financial Planning Association. Other professional memberships include the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, the Financial Therapy Association, and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. He wrote the book “Tax Resolution and Financial Freedom: Using the Financial Planning Process to Resolve IRS Tax Problems” and is actively involved in academic research.

Fun facts: Enjoys travel, boating, kayaking, hiking, golf, date nights and chasing little monsters around his house.

Most recent travel adventure: He recently visited 12 countries in Europe over a 21 day family adventure.

Favorite quote: “Live in the moment, plan for the future, thrive as you seek a purpose greater than yourself”